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surroundings. and the u-s may be forced to confront syria on its own after one key ally fails to i'm pam moore. a full hour of your prime- time news at eight. starts right now. outgoing. popular and about high school, robert orlando died just 12 hours before the start of classes. in white to honor their friend. 17 yrl was killed in car acc camideident 12 hrs before school started. classmate said his was a really cool kid funeral is being alnned for next week. substitue teacher in san jaose arreste for child photo pornogrphay ipa pad ha of toak grove school stts that no children wer invoved with this teacher and stuent safety is priority. new at eight -- we now know the identity of a san francisco police officer accused of molesting a teenage concord boy. 37-year-old richard hastings is suspended without pay. concord police arrested hastings last week. sources tell kron-4 that hastings *is the same officer who shot a washington state parolee back in august 2011. that parolee -- kenneth harding -- killed himself following a shootout with hastings and a fellow happening now. day one of the bay b
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is live for us on treasure island with more on that. charles? over labor day 2006, the eastbound lanes of the bridge were closed so crews could demolish portions of the old roadway in san francsico. one year later, the entire bridge was shutdown over labor day so caltrans could move a 200 foot section of roadway into place just east of yerba buena island. in 2009, there was another full closure over labor day as caltrans finished work on the s-curve detour along the eastern span. then in 2011, the eastbound lanes were closed over memorial day weekend so those lanes could be re- aligned near the toll plaza. the last major planned closure of the bridge was over president's day weekend in 2012 when the west bound lanes were realigned to make room for work on the new span. tonight police in walnut creek need your help in catching the four people who burglarized the tiffany's store downtown. just hours ago we received this new surveillance photo from police. they say shows a the vehicle used to flee the scene of the heist. apparently a white chevy blazer. this picture taken just 90 seconds
about 30 minutes ago also reminded us that they still have difficulty reaching a decision. reporting live, phillipe djegal, kron 4 news. >> thank-you. this is video of the two sides arriving at the bargaining table at around 11-30 this morning. bart's chief negotiator thomas hock. a-t-u local 15-55 president antonette bryant seen walking in as well. outside of that, we havent heard much from either side today. they've been upstairs negotiating. thomas hock says both sides know time is running out. and, that there's a lot on the line. one longtime bart train operator says he showed up today to support the unions. though, he hasn't been at the bargaining table. he says he wants a deal. but wouldn't be upset if union workers agreed to extend talks beyond tonight deadline. when i spoke to one of the union negotiators at six o'clock. i was told talks had pretty much stalled. but that there's hope. however, he added that bart workers have not thrown away their picket signs. live in oakland, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> across the bay in san francisco, kron 4's alecia reid is talking
the fire is burning. good morning philippe. bring us up to date the blaze. 209-962-4000 room 115 cell 760-4239 personal 925-360-8659 >> we are about 20 mi. outside of the yosemite national park covering this fire appeared to align >> cal fire says that over the ninth time the firefighters tried to make some headway on putting out the flames of this fire. >> firefighters are trying to prevent this fire from spreading however the wind are from the northeast and is pushing the fires flames appeared >> there are also a lot of wild life and that has been displaced because of the fire appeared >> >> in yesterday's firefighters went from 2 percent containment to 5 percent containment of the fire as of this broadcast however there is still a lot of damage that the fires have caused and are still causing. >> the efforts will continue to extinguish the fires and firefighters are working diligently to put out the flames appeared >> oakland authorities will begin an extensive search for missing toddler daphne webb today. daphne's father reported she was kidnapped from his car in east oakland back in
serious condition. >> i'll introduce you to some u.s. marines who really "band" together. >> so join us now for this week's "teen kids news." >> welcome to "teen kids news." i'm mwanzaa. >> and i'm siena. we'll start with our top story. [ school bell rings ] >> these fifth graders aren't going to gym or to lunch. they're on their way to a classroom with no walls and a lot of dirt. the classroom is a garden. here they're learning about planting and harvesting. >> kids just love coming out here and investigating and exploring, and we never know what we're gonna find when we come out here. >> today's big discovery was a pretty large praying mantis. >> mr. o'neil, i found it on a piece of milkweed. >> he's probably eating the milkweed bugs. >> but the main focus is on the vegetables and plants. >> can i smell it again? >> sure. >> [ sniffs ] i don't know. that smells just like basil, although it's purple. >> whether it's purple or more commonly green, basil is the main ingredient in the next stage of this project -- taking what they grow in the garden and using it in a recipe. >> we're maki
others were killed. >>> the u.s. state department is postponing a meeting with russia diplomats on syria. the meeting was postponed bus a u.s. review is underway on the use of chemical weapons. >> i'm not certain where this will lead, once the redline has been crossed and chemical weapons have been used i believe the president has to take action. >> john kerry said that evidence strongly indicates chemical weapons were used in syria. on monday a team of inspectors used -- visited one side of attack and faced snipe ir fire. the reported attack killed you hundreds of people and made others sick and moving the united states closer to military action than any point in the civil war. >>> still ahead, more burglars posing as fake city workers and getting in bay area homes. >>> the brave 10-year-old girl from pennsylvania who underwent a double lung transplant speaks out for the first time. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing live tv from southwest. now you can turn your device into your television. try it for free today, only on southwest airlines. on the air. in the air. with live tv.
from things we eat and wear. >> so join us now for this week's "teen kids news." >> welcome to "teen kids news." i'm mwanzaa. >> and i'm siena. we'll start with our top story. >> when is a game not a game? when it starts to take over your life. tyler reports on how to recognize video game addiction and what to do about it. >> today, bobby is on his way to college, but when he was in junior high school, his only goal seemed to be getting the highest score. >> sometimes i would lose myself in the game. >> we would we see him there all day. he would, you know, stop for meals, come down, shovel food in, and run back upstairs again. >> bobby's mom feared that he was becoming addicted to playing. >> and it was like becoming engrossed in this other world. >> kevin roberts knows that video game addiction is possible. it happened to him. >> over 10 years, i played 14,000 hours of real-time strategy computer games. that's like having a job, another job, every year. i didn't achieve any of my goals. i had friendships that fell by the wayside. it was a real problem. >> kevin wrote "cyber junkie"
. construction progress. and burglars are starting to use a very strange strategy to get inside victims homes. we'll tell you about the so called "snake scammers" and the cities they're targeting. and the rim fire continues to burn an yosemite. we'll talk to cal fire and get the latest in the fight to contain that fire. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm marty gonzalez. our top story this morning is the closure of the bay bridge. many of you are looking for alternate routes to get around the bay this labor day weekend. we want to start off and check out traffic conditions with robin. our top story this morning. this is the thrid full day of the bay bridge closure. crews continue to work around the clock. connecting interstate-80 to the new span. at the same time, they're also demolishing portions of the old bridge. san fog this morning zeitover the golden gate bridge up 50's for coast itsand bay area uopper 60 on the coast low 70's inland kron4's mike pelton joins us live from the oakland side where he's been followingmike? crews are making progress on the bridge this morning 1000 ft sec
by burglars. tonight. we show you the damage and the getaway car. good evening, thanks for joining us. it happened in the pre-dawn hours. as several witnesses looked on in shock. kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story. he joins us live from walnut burglars get away with? tonight-- it is official. we now know for sure when the new span of the bay bridge will open. here's the latest-- officials will shut down the bridge the night of august 28th. to prepare to divert traffic from the old bridge span. to the new one. the new span is set to open the day after labor day. which is september 3rd. our team coverage tonight. he is live on treasure island with more details on today's big announcement. jeff? >> the bay bridge were shut down in less than two weeks. officials say they will shut the bridge down on wednesday august 28th and it will remain closed for the next five days and reid opened early morning on tuesday september the third. >> the bridge is almost completely done but there is a still a little work with painting lights and stripes. >> new revs will have to be installed on the
and who stepped in to delay the strike. >> but the rest of a possible terrorist attack will keep 19 at u.s. embassies closed, this week. more on the threats that prompted the closures. >> we are keeping an eye on bay area weather and traffic. here is a live look at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. >> we are waking up to areas of drizzle right now. it is a foggy start for most of us. you will see nothing but great skies until the sun comes up. the fog will make a comeback later on tonight. it will not be too windy as we approach the evening hours. >> i do want to talk a bit about satellite and radar because we have an area of low pressure that is 400 mi. away from san francisco. this is what is keeping our temperatures and below average. not only today, but for the next couple of days. with that you can expect deeper and more showers. the warmest spots will probably be in antioch would a high of 84 degrees. 67 degrees for oakland and 684--pitch your 7 day around the bay highlights temperatures will be cooler as we pushed into the middle of the housthis week. the fog will be very s
rethink possible. >> "you know the police can't always respond to everythingthey'll call us" in fact the owner of the security company says his guards work well with oakland police >> "if they see any crime in progress, they can apprehend and wait for the officer to get there and hand him over to the police" the guards use their own personal vehiclesmarked with these company logos on the sideday and night foot patrols are part of security ruitinea ruitine that puts guards in frequent contact with people who live here >> "we even know who walks whose dog" >> reporter: in the oakland hills haaziq madyun kron4news oakland woman's push to get more security in her she was shot and killed. 66-year- old judy salamon was hiy by gunfire while she was driving near her home in broad daylight last month. fairfax area for more than neighbors believe she was the wrong time. >> tonight police still have not made any arrests in her murder. >> reporter: the bay area is counting down to the shutdown of the bay bridge and the transition to the new span. the bridge will close at 8- pm, august 28th. and
of emrgency services who will tell us if the bay area will be affected by the fire, and what we can expect. >> in just a week the rim fire has become one of the largest active wildfires in the county and one of the largest fires in california history. i want to show you just how fast this fire has spread. this is an overhead google earth view of yosemite national park. the rim fire started to the west of the park, last saturday, here along highway 120. the red area that you see here is the perimeter of the fire on monday, when about 10 thousand acres had burned. here's how the fire looked on tuesday when 16 thousand acres were lost. here's the fire on wednesday when it had doubled in size and here's the fire on thursday. on friday the fire just exploded in size and entered yosemite national park. it also grew to the west. and here's how the fire looked on saturday morning. it's burned about 125 thousand acres. about 200 square miles. now i want to focus on two areas.. nasa also collects data on wildfires and they can pinpoint hot spots using satellites and weather stations. so let's add in
union members voted to reject the contract that's reached with management. scott shows us what happens and more importantly what it means for people who are relying for the bus. >> reporter: they're right back to where they started after a late night meeting here on saturday night in the union head quarters where members of the union decided to go ahead and reject the contract, tentative contract that both ac transit and the unions agreed on just about a week ago. that was up for grabs of the tentative contract, the president of atu local says in a statement, our members spoke loud and clear, end of quote. you might remember back on august 5th, members say they were ready to strike if the deal is not reached, on the 7th. the next day, included of a 9 and a percent raise and now it looks like both parties will be going back to the drawing board. >> they'll be back at it talking to members tomorrow to decide how they want to move forward. reporting in oakland, scott rays kron 4 news. >>> the fire claimed the lives of five women including the bride to be. the limo ride was part of a bache
that thieves used to get away after backing into and buglarizing a tiffany's store in walnut creek. hafour people used a stolen pickup truck and crashed through the front door of the store before six yesterday morning. the thieves were only able to break into one jewelry case and unable to get to the high end merchandise in the overnight safe. officers arrived minutes after the incident happened, but the thieves were still the four thieves were wearing hoodies and covering their faces. >>mark:egyptian military forces are sweeping across cairo. in ongoing efforts to disperse staged sit-in's in support of ousted former president over 630 people have died, thousands more have been injured in recent days in the bloody clashes between protesters and security forces. cairo and several other cities remain under curfew. president obama and several prominent u-s lawmakers have condemned the actions of egypt's interim government. the president canceled joint military exercises with egypt that were scheduled to >>george: we have a big rig on its side on interstate 680 in the northbound direction. jus
and joins us live with what could be next. >> reporter: involved in this investigation and now hopefully it will give them up better idea of where both sides are at right now with the problems they are currently having. lasting until next sunday night, by law the real must run that during that time. at that point to the governor has options. with a 60 day cooling off period in court that would keep trains running for the additional two months as negotiations continued. we could then see a second cooling-off being issued if the first one did not work. now this is a one thing one time thing and something would dely see next week. >> reporter: then they came to an agreement but some lawmakers in sacramento are looking at bringing a arbitrator then and that person will have sole power to put a plan together and make it happen. but we are very far away from that. >> pam: hopefully begin to some type of an agreement before that solution occurred. >> pam: also developing tonight. another strike looms for bay area commuters. this one involves a threat of work stoppage from bus operators and mech
says on this evidence table are bags of white mdma powder used to make the club drug, along with 30,000 blue extacy pills in addition to $30,000 in cash all found in the possession of these two suspects "benjamin hagerl and steven terrell and in custody right now" >> >> reporter:investigators say the drug seizure happened by chance sunday morning as sfpd officers responded to a burglary call here at this apartment building on 3300 block of missiononce inside the building a trail of blood lead them to this apartment on the 3rd >>"the officers observed his hand bleeding and blood on >> reporter:chief surh admits the two on sfpd's raydar >>"sometimes you get lucky and in this instance we were luckyfor a while" >> reporter:in san francisco haaziq >> pam: bay area hospitals are being told to be on alert. a woman has tried to pass herself off as a nurse at a san jose medical center. >> pam: police say, crystal cook was found in scrubs. wearing a stethoscope and a fake nurses badge. at valley medical center. >> pam: sheriff's deputies arrested cook, who has no medical background. she has s
one. to get around this you might be tempted to use the mission boulevard to niles canyon road, highway 84. this is not a good trip. you will not be able to handle the capacity that will be trying to use it as an alternate. you're really only option is to use 880 and take it up to 238 and then use 580 to rejoin 680. >> we will be talking with kron4 and jackie sissel will be live on the scene. >> we are starting off with low cloud cover. the temperatures are on a warmer side. it is a little muddy as you head out to work or school. as we focus on what is ahead although we will see cloud cover this morning we're talking nothing but sunshine for the afternoon. the warmest inland spots will be in the upper 80s. we do have unsettled weather on the way in the form of storms for satur. >> following developing news out of oakland this morning, where a woman has been killed in a shooting, while another man is recovering in the hospital. the shooting happened last night around 11:30 in the 800 block of 100th avenue. the woman was pronounced dead at the scene. the man has been taken to the
contempt for the accjc. just last week the u.s. department of education said the agency violated numerous federal guidelines during its review process. francisco 1:36-1:46 city college are reacting. city attorney is stepping in on their behalf. ".acting upon that." the two students were arrested at a sit-in at san francisco city hall tuesday night. trespassing. they were calling on the in its fight to maintain accreditation. a sad end to a search for a lobo. who is pictured on your screen, was killed when he was hit by a car while on a freeway according to cal trans. the dog was rescued and trained to be a service dog through the program operation freedom paws. on tuesday a san jose veteran was asking for help spooked and ran away. he was sighted several times. but would run from people when approached. tonight more victims are coming forward after a well known surf instructor is charged with lewd acts with a child. police say 38-year-old dylan greiner shot pornographic photos and videos of under-aged girls he was teaching. detective say more than a half-million images and have been found
but we will wait until they tell us we have to. >> joanne scott is one of the people leaving in the community in groveland just outside of the burn zone. >> i have asthma. today was a little more difficult. i stayed inside and used my inhaler. >> reporter: firefighters are battling strong winds and rough terrain. >> i haven't been evacuated yet. >> how is this on your family? >> it is rough. the kids are with the grandparents so that makes it a little easier. having school in session makes it complicated. we are going to stay at one of the camp sites here for the duration. >> reporter: do you know if your home is still up? >> my home is still up. >> reporter: residents say the rim fire has taken a toll on their families but understand that the situation could be worse. >> i hope you don't have to go through it again. it is very nerve wracking, but we got out. we are safe. >> i don't think it is going to come all the way into pine mountain lake. i don't think it is going to do that. i'm trusting the firefighters. i'm feeling pretty good. >> reporter: the u.s. forest service is
4's charles clifford shows us where the fire has burned so far and also how it's affecting yosemite national park. >> reporter: in just a week the rim fire has become one of the largest active wildfires in the county and one of the largest fires in california history. i want to show you just how fast this fire has spread. this is an overhead google earth view of yosemite national park. the rim fire started to the west of the park, last saturday, here along highway 120. the red area that you see here is the perimeter of the fire on monday, when about 10 thousand acres had burned. here's how the fire looked on tuesday when 16 thousand acres were lost. here's the fire on wednesday when it had doubled in size and here's the fire on thursday. on friday the fire just exploded in size and entered yosemite national park. it also grew to the west. and here's how the fire looked on saturday morning. it's burned about 125 thousand acres. about 200 square miles. now i want to focus on two areas.. nasa also collects data on wildfires and they can pinpoint hot spots using satellites and weather s
, more than a dozen semitrucks rolled into this area. these are trucks that will likely be used to haul off materials from the bay bridge. reporting from san francisco, jr stone, kron 4 news. >> with the bay bridge shut down now in effect, kron 4's alecia reid shows us every way to get around the bay area. >> reporter: bart expects a good amount of the people that usually drive across the bridge to hop on the trains over the labor day weekend. 14 of their stations will offer 24 hour service with trains running every hour during the times they are normally closed. those locations include, dublin pleasantton, san francisco airport. concord. keep in mind, they have to close down four hours early tuesday morning. so from midnight to 4:00 a.m., there will be no access because of the state mandated train inspections. all transit bus services across the bridge have been suspended until the new bridge opens. >> people who usually take the bus could hop on the same bus, but it would dump them off at bart station for their continued trip to san francisco. >> reporter: the san francisco bay ferry
to more than we have the latest details next. >> good morning and thanks for joining us on this thursday august 29th. i'm james fletcher. we want to update you on the latest with the bay bridge closure, but first lets get a quick check of traffic for this early morning commute with erica. >> we are not dealing with any current incidents. the bay bridge is completely shut down and you can see all the construction at the toll plaza. there is no traffic getting through at this time. disclosure happened at 8:00 p.m. last night. this will continue until tuesday morning at 5:00 a.m.. in the meantime you have to use the san mateo bridge. you should keep in mind that the san mateo bridge only has three lanes. this is compared to the five planes that the bay bridge usually has. we're not seen any increase in your drive times. the letter on this morning things will back up. it is also a little hazy outside. here is a live look at the golden gate bridge. i want to highlight some of the areas where we are expecting additional traffic. so far so good we are not saying anything on a roadway sensors. a
bridge. kron4's will tran joins us live from the oakland side where he's been following their progress. >> if this opens up possibly before to stay you will see the new pavement. we will show you the other side. on the right side of your screen this is the new eastern span. on the left side is just the contrast. this is the old span. what they're doing right now is not get out about 1,000 ft. section of the span. they built a bike path that can go as far as it could. it will run into old eastern span and they have to knock this out to extend the bike path. there is a lot going on right now and a another great thing about this shutdown is that caltran told me that because normally they will spend 34 months doing this with all of the traffic but because of the sun shalthis shutdown the able to up and get it done sooner. >> a number of people turned to mass transit for the first day of the bay bridge closure. bart ridership hit record highs yesterday. from midnight yesterday morning to 7:00 last night, more than 390-thousand riders took bart to get around. that's about 62-thousand more ri
evening, i'm catherine heenan. tonight, snake scammers using a very unusual burglary tactic. kron 4's justine waldman has the details. >> reporter: here is the sketch of who police are calling the snake scammer. a hispanic woman, 5' 6'', with blond or light brown hair and a lip piercing. police tell kron 4 she wears a uniform of khaki clothes and work boots. on her shirt is a patch that says animal control and the name al. but she is not at your house to get rid of snakes. police tell kron 4 she is there to steal your jewelry and money. >> it is like the scam with utility workers. there is an urgency because the snakes are supposedly loose in the neighborhood and people have a natural fear of snakes. >> reporter: the suspect says snakes are on the loose and she needs to set traps in your backyard to catch them. she then, police say, distracts the victims outside for about 30 minutes an then the other suspects come in and steal your stuff. >> in either case, the violation they feel for having their house entered, you can't put a price on it. >> reporter: people in the neighborhood wher
for starting your own service project. >> i'll show you how ford is using virtual reality to prevent real accidents. >> why does a state put a beehive on its flag? i'll have the buzz. >> they're called going dark, but these teen rockers are sending a positive message. >> so, join us now for this week's "teen kids news." >> welcome to "teen kids news." i'm mwanzaa. >> and i'm siena. we'll start with our top story. >> if you think you're too young to do something about the problems our world faces, get ready to think again. diyu reports there's an organization that's ready to help you help others. >> planting a community garden in the middle of a city... delivering food to a soup kitchen... or cleaning up a street near a school in faraway india... programs like these have two important things in common. they're run by people like you and me, and they got a helping hand from youth service america, y.s.a. >> y.s.a. is a global nonprofit that reaches out to young people around the world, now in over 106 countries, and asks them to change the world. >> i help the senior citizens locally through
need to know... >> how to properly use things like whistles and horns and things like that so that you're able to notify people if something happens to you. >> correct. and depending on the type of water craft you're using, you may also need a fire extinguisher, flares... >> you open it up, load the cartridge in, close it, make sure you don't point it at anyone, and keep your finger off the trigger until you're ready to fire it. go over and you'd fire. >> ...and other safety equipment on board with you. [ air horn blows ] here are some more safety tips from the american boating association. know your boat. that means really understand how to operate it. learn the rules of the road. even though you're on water, it's very much like driving a car. you need to know who has the right of way and who must yield, as well as the legal speed limits. and before setting out, always check the weather forecast for the entire day ahead. some states require you to take a course before operating certain kinds of boats. but even if it's not the law where you are, experts still encourage every boater to
overnight and is now posing a threat to yosemite national park. more on how this could affect us locally. final touches are being put on the bay bridge as workers prepare to open the new span. but a different closure could have commuters slowing down this weekend. more on the work at the toll plaza. here is a live look at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. we're also keeping an eye on your bay area weather and traffic as we head into the weekend. good morning everyone, i'm james fletcher. a wildfire outside yosemite national park has nearly quadrupled in size. so far it has burned more than 53-thousand acres. officers have been going door-to-door, warning residents in the gated community of pine mountain lake to evacuate their homes. but the evacuations are not mandatory. fire officials say the blaze, which started saturday, is only 1 percent contained. heavy smoke from the fire has triggered an air quality alert in reno and surrounding areas more than 150 miles away. yosemite remains open. continuing our team coverage. san francisco officials have also issued an emergency declar
fault lies and it will be using this bill meanthis buildig explosion for seismologists to determine the earthquake possibilities appeared >> this building explosion acting as a small earthquake will give the scientist and seismologist a better understanding of the hayward fault. >>and stay with kron-4 for this morning's building implosion at cal state east bay in hayward. it starts at 9 a-m. we will bring it you live right here during our newscast. stream of it on our website -- kron-4 dot com. one person is dead and four others are injured after a late night shooting in oakland it happened around 11p-m on 105th avenue near natress way. when police arrived they found one person dead and two people with life threatening injuries. five ambulances were called to the area and transported the two victims. fire crews say the other two victims suffered minor injuries and managed to walk in to the hospital themselves to be treated for their injures. no word on the identity of the victims or what caused the shootout. a man is in stable condition at this hour after an early morning crash near
- thousands of them in the bay area - who don't use public transit often rely on non- emergency ambulances to get to and from their appointments. but with congested rosdways, many people are at risk of not getting to treatment on time. and this is not the type of doctor's visit you miss. i spoke with one of the bay area's non-for- profit dialysis centers, who told me they worry about their patients receiveing the timely medical care they need to survive. if bart goes on strike. and you can also get the latest developments on bart and the strike threat. no matter where you go, with the new kron 4 news app. it is free and available on just about any mobile device; android, apple, blackberry, kindle. by downloading the app you can sign up for push alerts and be notified of an agreement or strike and other breaking bart related news. it's another way we're giving you more local news, the kron 4 news app, download it today. >> this just in. a horse trailer has overturned and is now blocking the slow lane on eastbound 580 in alameda county. this is right after the hopyard road exit. it happened
and shows us what happened. will. >>will: what sam their driving northbound. they believe according to a investigators that speed was a factor although they don't know the speed the car was traveling at the time for if you can see skid marks. they painted the ground war as markers for its third loss control. there are skid marks on boy from here to across the street and to that tree. here is a video. this all happen shortly after 9:00 last night. i learned that the teenager that died was hitting and the right passenger seat. he was a 16 year-old boy. his name is not been released. to 17 year-old, the driver suffered a broken rib and the other passenger suffered a broken leg. those two are recovering ed chow york hospital. john muir hospital. investigators are searching to see how fast the car was traveling through it we had a chance to talk with the sergeant read here's what he had to say. >>: it's too early to tell. there is no obvious time of anything. that's what our investigators will be working on to make sure they can pinpoint speeds and other things. there is nothing obvious
following an officer involved shooting. joining us live now is kron 4's mike pelton. mike what's the scene like >> police stated that a 12 year old girl alerted them to the apartment. we are kept outside of the apartment. you concede that the hayward police cars are still here. here is video and police stated the this began at 9:30 p.m. last night when she called to state that her parents were fighting he was privy to kill her mother. the disk masters heard them arguing in the officer fes safety and he shot the suspect. >> we have the child describing what was going on. she was given the dispatcher on account what she saw happening. the child i observed her father with a knife. when they heard what was going on, they heard the screams, the gaels and they se. >> of 40 stated said there were also other children at the tim of the shootingthere arn inside the apartment when this happens. they all have to not cope with this. >> new this morning. we will know at 10 a.m. when the new eastern span of the bay bridge will be open to drivers. last month there were talks that it would ha
conference. he joins us now with the breaking details. phillippe? kron 4's scott rates is live in oakland. where a rally and march by bart union members just wrapped up moments ago. scott?? new tonight at 8-- in preparation for another possible bart strike, the other transit agencies around the bay area are getting ready to add services and extend hours. the m-t-c is also going to great lengths to encourage kron 4's charles clifford has more. every week day 270 thousand cars drive over the bay bridge. the metropolitan transportation commission estimates that 92 percent of those vehicles have at just one or two occupants. that means 248 thousand cars inside. now.. by comparison, about 150 thousand people use bart to cross san francisco bay everyday... so, in theory.. if bart workers go on strike again.. there are more than enough empty car seats to take up the metropolitan transportation commission wants to fill up at least socouraging pele to carpool or use ride share programs. if there is a strike, carpool drivers will be able parking lot... caltrans also plans to extend the hours for ho
a three day strike. as each i used hayward chapter represents more than 356-- city workers, from library and assistance to the water sanitation workers, road crews, administrative staff and others. their contract expired in april with union members authorized a strike in june. both sides have been locked in contentious negotiations. the union claims the city of hayward is refusing to engage a row while the city claims theinhe late tactics, intimidation and other benefit practices. the city declared a bargaining impasse and july, and the two sides have not negotiated cents. >>anny: broken bolt on the bay bridge have forced agencies overseen the bridge construction to cancel the labor day opening. but the chp is still planning ahead just in case the bridge is open that we can. last week the chp began signing up personnel to staff the extra shifts required for security and traffic. this is all just in case an oversight committee restored scandal to open letter to the weekend. however, there are no plans to revive the original plans to mark the opening and closing a bike ride, fireworks, and
thieves that used this stolen pickup truck at walnut creek. >> they were wearing hoodies and covering up their faces and bodies. >> the burglar went down just before 6:00 thursday morning. officer say this was the only glaps case that the thieves were able to break into. the they were not able to get the high end merchandise which was in the back room over night safe. detective released the surveillance video photo showing the white trailer and another getaway vehicle minutes after the store is broken into. >> officers were here within just a few minutes and that's was all they needed to get in there and the getaway car and get out of town. >>> today a bicyclist, was sentenced in san francisco. 37-year-old chris, was sentence to 1000, 000 of community service. it happened last month, he ran multiple red lights after crashing into the victim. hopefully this will send a strong regulation for all bikers everywhere. >>> well, it was still warm out there today for the inland valleys, we are in the upper 80s and lows 90s this afternoon. south bay low 80s and we are warmer in san francisco toda
as a federal agent. one woman here has been harassed by these calls that she reached out to us. the real dda says it is a big problem and people need to know that it is happening. kron 4 news, gabe has the report. >> reporter: this woman asked that we alter her voice, she's afraid of retaliation. she's got a call from a 415 number that she did not recognized and the mystery caller left the voice mail. >> they were official and federal and they were telling me that i had to call them right away concerning a case. i thought i was in trouble. >> here is the voice mail that she waerd, her real name was spoken at the beginning which we beeped out. >> regarding of an ongoing criminal investigation, contact us immediately at 415-251-8119. the division 48. >> worried that this was real, rebecca called the number >> they said they have a warrant for my arrest and that if i did not pay a fee, they'll come and arrest me. division 38 bda made it clear wanting and he will make the arrest go away. she reached out to me to help. i visited assistant to the special agent in charge, dba of the san francisco
on the senate foreign relations committee. he says the u-s should take the lead in a military tactical response in syria. >> "i hope the president, as soon as we get back to washington, will ask for authorization from congress to do something in a very surgical and proportional way." >> reporter: the ranking democrat on the house foreign relations committee - eliot engel - suggests the president not wait for congress. >> "perhaps the president could start and then congress needs to resolve it and ascend to it. we cannot sit still. we've got to move and we've got to move quickly." >> reporter: but as the pressure escalates over syria-- democratic senator jack reed cautions the united states from moving forward with military actions on its own. >> "this has to be an international operation. it can't be a unilateral american approach. it has to have support internationally, not just politically but militarily." >> reporter: while the u-s government weighs its options. a syrian official confirms u-n inspectors will be given full access to any site of a suspected chemical weapons attack. inspectors
partnership with abc 7 news. i am pam moore thank you for joining us this weakening. from the traffic backed up to the work to get the new span (traffic here is another live look from the bay bridge and of course we have teen coverage with from 4 news then cut and carmen. action on top of the bay bridge. >> reporter: yes you're on the legacy some piquancy few cars going over the bridge on the west side they're still several car still coming off the bridge. so the closure at least at this cannot yet complete but they are getting very perricos spirit several entrances on to the bay bridge from berkeley to oakland the still we have a few car still trickling on. and there's going to be a classic car that technically was supposed to be the last one to cross. and it has not crossed yet. quite a bit of cars come across the bridge but is we have to the fall span this the a few vehicles up there right now that are aligned to put that up that work will begin and within five days it will be complete. so the closure is upon us but at this point not yet complete. live on top of the caltrans building. tol
us a news conference to let us know what the progress is. at this time, we plan to carry this live for you as it happens. i will let you know if there any accidents and i would not beurprised if you are not paying attention, you can get win over. >ran over. >> with the bay bridge shut down until 5:00 a.m. tuesday morning, there are many other options to get along. bart is running 24 hours service stopping at 14 stations over the labor day weekend. the trains will run every hour during the time they're normally closed between one and 4:00 a.m.. all ac transit bus services across the bridge have been suspended until the new bridge opens. the san francisco bay ferries have extra boats in the water during the closure. that will be heading to and from oakland, alameda main street, harbor bay, vallejo and san francisco thomas. ferries will depart every 45 minutes during peak commute hours. with all of these added services, transit officials advise you to give yourself extra time. >> continuing our team coverage of the bay bridge closure this morning, as we recommended the san mateo bridg
sunday forecast. the morning us take a look at the san mateo bridge is a foggy day starting this morning pared >>. we're also deal with fall over the golden gate bridge. >> right now it is about mid '50s in downtown san francisco. >> afternoon highs will be slightly cooler than yesterday's. >> will have more in the full report later in the broadcast. >> on to our top story this morning. negotiators for both sides say they are making progress. but bart workers are set to strike at not met. kron four's mike pelton is live at the lafayette bart station with an update, mike? both sides say they are hopeful that they can reach an agreement. >> both sides met until nearly midnight last night and that is one of the longest negotiation sessions that we have seen in a while. >> we have seen a handful nervous commuters that no the we are presently 16 hours away from a possible second strike. >> the two sides met from 10 in the morning until midnight last night with >> both sides say they hope they can get a deal done so that there will not be another bart strike tonight at midnight. >> commuters a
for joining us on this sunday august 11th. i'm marty gonzalez. we'll get to your top stories in a moment but first lets get a quick check of the weather with janu. >> janu: 60s for the bay in the afternoon highs will be slightly warmer. getting to about the mid '80s inland. and low 60s for the coast will take a closer look at the afternoon highs, coming of. >> marty:bart workers contracts will expire at midnight. so time is running out for bart and its unions to reach an agreement. court judge will consider bart workers contracts will expire at midnight. so time is running out for bart and its unions to reach an agreement. this morning a superior court judge will consider governor brown's request for a cooling-off period that would prevent a strike. kron 4's mike pelton is at the san francisco superior court now with more. good morning mike. >> reporter: the judge will consider the 60 day cooling off that has been proposed by gov. jerry brown. to maintain trade relations. the both sides tried to get to a deal but there were not able to. there were still paralyzed with safety concerns, sa
is an innacurate depiction of the murder. >> 18 of the 19 u-s embassies and consulates will reopen this morning after being closed due to a terror threat. this is the embassy in yemen, which is the 'only' one that will not reopen yet. the embassies are scattered throughout the middle east and africa. they were closed after a message between al-qaida officials about a major attack was intercepted. a separate threat led to the closing of the u-s consulate in pakistan, which also remains closed. >> edward snowden's father says he has obtained a visa to visit his son in russia. snowden's father and his lawyer said they have not spoken directly with edward since he fled the u-s to russia, where he was given asylum. his father says he would like his son to return to the u-s someday. however he says he thinks it's unlikely his son would receive a fair trial. lon snowden did not disclose when he is visiting. edward snowden has been charged in a federal court with violations of the espionage act. >> white house calls for increased grid spending new york - an obama administration report says the cost of
and pedestrian bridge will be ready in time for opening day. kron4's maureen kelly gives us an upclose look. >> only on 4 -- reaction from lieutenant governor gavin newsom to the situation between bart and its unions. it's been ten days since a 60-day cooling off period. the two sides have even met yet. bay area commuters fearing this could mean another last minute scramble to reach an agreement come deadline. the lieutenant governor says although the cooling off period averted a strike -- there are some downsides. and some update way is >> the 60 day cooling off period ends october 10th. which means bart trains must run at least until then. >> >>"i am chelsea manning".. with those words - bradley manning has announced that he wants to live as a woman. this is an undated photo released by the u.s. army. manning was sentenced wednesday to 35 years in prison for leaking information. he made the announcement about wanting to become statement today. also saying he wants to begin hormone replacement therapy. it seems unlikely that authorities at fort leavenwoth - where he'll agree to that. but h
plan to exit 2101 and the northbound direction. jackie system has been advising us all morning long it's very quickly reached the saturation point. there is a lot of traffic at the toll plaza this morning westbound but it is still moving smoothly. again lighter today and then yesterday. yesterday backed up all the way on to the rich but that's not the case today. the largest are in commute is all around the bay area. hardly any delays for 101 southbound. a little slowing at the civic center and the golden gate bridge ride with great. it even looks like the fog started to burn off. sunshine rainbows for the drive this morning. >>darya: kron4's jackie sizzle is still keeping an eye on the san rafael bridge this morning. >>: ica a backup. the fasttrack plans are almost to a stop. the bridge itself is at full capacity. the other thing you notice is a bank of fog has rolled then print of unspent itself there is heavy dense fog that may be slowing down the traffic. bay to of the bay bridge closure and things an december fell bridge also will then roll heavy traffic care for it >>darya: as th
directly with edward since he fled the u-s to russia, where he was given asylum. his father says he would like his son to return to the u-s someday. however he says he thinks it's unlikely his son would receive a fair trial. edward snowden has been charged in a federal court with violations of the espionage act. the state department says that 18 of the 19 u-s embassies and consulates that have been closed because of a terror threat -- are reopening tonight or monday. this is the embassy in yemen -- which is the 'only' one which will not reopen yet. the embassies are scattered throughout the middle east and africa. they were closed after a message between al-qaida officials about a major a separate threat led to the closing of the u-s consulate in pakistan.which also remains closed. >> firefighters are gaining the upper hand on a massive wildfire in southern california. the so called silver fire is now more than 90 percent contained.that's according to riverside county fire officials. it has burned more than 20- thousand acres.and destroyed twenty-six homes. the wildfire, which broke out l
with us. he is trying to get a briefing from the fire, the police department to get the latest information. he would join us shortly. >> i'mpolice are searching for the driver of a van that crashed on i-280 near redwood city late last night killing one person. the chp said the van was traveling on nb i-280 when it veered off the road and struck trees. the right side of the van was torn off from the accident. the driver and a passenger were the only two people on the bus. the passenger was pronounced dead at the scene and is being described as a man in his 30s from san francisco. the driver has not been found, but an injured man was found in a wooded area along the freeway and was transported to the hospital. >> bart trains are running this morning. and riders will not have to worry about a strike until october. a judge signed off on governor jerry brown's request for a 60-day cooling-off period between bart and it's union members. the injunction by a superior court judge means that trains will roll unobstructed by the threat of a strike for at least the next 60 days while bart and union me
with us. they wanted 17 percent and we have already given them 12 percent. i told them that i cannot afford to give more. it is becoming critical to membership. we just cannot give any more. that is not true. this is an unfair labor practice. we have been trying to negotiate with them since the beginning. we never said no. we turned in an offer and two days later it did not pass. that is not true. we are willing to talk at any time. >> they stated that they would bring in temporary workers to do your job. any concern with these temporary workers will be permanent workers? >> that is always a concern. he is not fun to be on strike. we're here because we feel that we are forced to be here. this would be retaliation and this is not illegal to hire these people. i do not know if they can do as good job as we do. we are talented. we should have some value. >> thank you so much for speaking with me. the city stated that says we're not offering the firefighters arrays is that we are not going to offer its to you. they stated that they should also work and not get their races. we will get re
stone is live at the scene near orinda. j-r what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, pam here we are, three hours later after the officer involved shooting. the sheriff's department is still trying to get the facts straight. they are busy at work looking for clues in the have been out here for some time. let me show you some video. this was shot with the just the last one hour. they are a basically taking fixtures. and there were specifically looking at the tire tracks. as for what they're rollicking for? it was not clear. however, the c h p is involved as well as the sheriff's department and the orinda police department. they wanted to figure out what this cost this eastbound lanes on 24. still, right behind me they are sorting through all of this evidence. and we will let you know. just outside of orinda j.r. stone, kron 4 news. >> pam: when the new eastern span of the bay bridge opens up next month, officials say, drivers will have a completely different experience from crossing over the old bridge. kron 4's charles clifford is live tonight on treasure island, charles, what can co
the transition from the old roadway to the new eastern span. joining us from treasure island is kron four's mike pelton. >> we're now just six days away. you can say that the lights are turned on combined meat and the crews are not just quite ready to open up to traffic. they will shut down on the bay bridge tonight at 8:00 p.m. and reopen tuesday morning at 5:00 a.m.. here you can see the crews are working on the span. they have to do lane striping and paving. they also need to connected. it will have more scenic view and stability. the holiday weekend, receive less traffic so this is why they are changing forever. one woman i spoke with shared her memories. >> my husband and my went across singing the bridge song. melamin >> this opened the back in 1936. we would love to hear from you if you have any pictures that you would like to share. we will share them on our face book page. >> the chp stated that it will close at 8:00 p.m.. they will begin the process prior to 8:00 p.m.. they stated that if you want to avoid getting stuck in use across as early as possible. >> alternative transit service
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